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I'm a Jesus lover, business owner of Simply Becoming and Blue Room Publications.  I'm a Master's level counselor.  I gently lead adult-adolescent girls back to truth & healing through counseling and prayer.

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God Still Heals Lives

I remember being in that white sterile room as the fluids and medications were pumped into my body.  After three long days of the worst headache I had ever experienced, I found myself in the ER thanking God for finally having relief.  This was my second year of experiencing migraines, and this wasn’t my first visit to the ER to find migraine relief.  

That particular day, I had been in my bedroom with the blinds closed.  There was no light and no noise allowed even smells bothered me.  I was home from summer break.  My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, sat with me.  I was disappointed that he had come to visit and the best I could do was smile and barely sit up.  I was in a lot of pain.  My vision was frequently going in and out, and I felt like the room was spinning at times.  I don’t recall how many times I vomited over the course of those few days, but it was often.  Only surprised all of us when I started vomiting blood.  That’s when everyone got a little concerned including me.  

That’s what I remember.  Following that episode, I took a prescription for migraines for a while until I was able to wean off of that.  Gradually, Advil did the trick and then they were gone.  As quickly as that season was upon me, it left.  Now granted, there were a lot of days in-between that time frame to today.  There were a lot of prayers going up.  There were a lot of changes in my diet and exercise routine that I made.  There was a lot of tackling stress in my young adult life (don’t ever let anyone tell young adults, that life isn’t stressful for them).  But most importantly and critical to my health was that my relationship with the Lord grew exponentially during that time.  I needed Him, and my need for Him enlarged as my head ached with pain.  

My need for the Father hasn’t changed, but my headache status sure has.  Now I’ll get an occasional sinus headache or sometimes when my cycle comes.  But that seems like nothing compared to what it was.  If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my story post this week on the natural headache balm my mom shared with me.  It was great!  I’m including that post for those of you wanting help to alleviate headache pain.  I don’t know if it would have worked on my headaches back then.  I have people tell me it does.  Maybe it does the trick for those that believe.  🙂  Either way, I’m including that post, and if you want details let me know.  I’ll send them your way (I do have a $10 off coupon, too).    

After my headache for 2 days, I needed relief.

Social Media Post- 

I had a headache the last two days, as a woman formally-filled-by-many headaches, I know how painful they can be.  I’ve taken both prescriptions and over-the-counter pills, but never considered a natural remedy. Natural sounds good, but when you have a headache, you want relief, not something that sounds good.  My mom shared a natural Headache Balm with me.  Because it was free I tried it.  Oh, my words… This Headache Balm really worked!  I couldn’t be more excited!  I’m not filling my body with chemicals.  I’m purely fighting off the pain.

A++++ for Awesome!  

Because of that post, I have been thinking about healing… and headaches a lot this week.  God is still the natural remedy for everything that we need.  Celebrate with me that He is still healing lives.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…. And He’s still healing.  

“Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”  Psalm 34:3

Feel free to celebrate and/or share your own healing story below.  

Here’s the All-Natural Headache Balm that I used recently.

Here’s the link with a $10 off coupon for the Headache Balm.

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