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Let's Build Incredibly Fit Self-Love Together

How is your emotional fitness? Is your love for yourself growing daily? Is it healthy?  If not, it's okay. That's why you are here.  We are gathering together to create healthy ways to love. Instituting a sound way to both honor you and your Creator.  

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you finally love yourself the way you always wanted to.

I want you to feel like these are one-on-one sessions where you are at my home, and we are processing together over a warm cup of goodness (hot coffee). So I intentionally kept things "real." You'll hear my dishwasher ring, my dog (loudly) itching his ear (he had an ear infection), and I'll talk with you like you are a friend. That is what I want... Friends here! Ready to heal!  

How it works


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Then you'll received access to 10 mini counseling sessions with me, and one bonus session included in our deluxe course.  


This course will teach you to use the Word of God as a weapon to heal.  Then you'll be on your way running the race of your life.  

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

A few years ago, I was tired and overwhelmed from rejecting myself.

I didn't realize when I was comparing myself others, seeking their approval, believing lies about myself, and strongly disliking my body that I wasn't loving myself well.  I didn't know how to heal the brokeness within me, and I surely didn't know how to love myself.    That was foreign to me.  But when I got to a desperate place, where I wanted truth in my inner being,  I wanted head knowledge to translate to my heart.  I was no longer alright with the way I felt about myself.  God stepped in... and the rest is recorded for you in this course.  



How you compare yourself to others, care about what they think of you, seek their approval, and elevate their opinions of you above the Lord's.  


A body you talk badly about.  One you don't always care for.  You rarely like.  You highly scrutinize and criticize it.  


Truly love yourself well.  What does that means anyway?  It sounds so vain.  And... How would you heal anyway?  Where would you begin?  

The results


Replace the rotten messages you think about yourself with truth.

Heal your heart so you can dream again and make your heart happy.

Create a gentle Body image for yourself that protects not beats up.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Stop hating yourself 


- Kristy

“I personally got a lot out of the Love Course (former Challenge) and am continuing to work through things that were surfaced. Thank you for sharing your heart and knowledge!”


F.R. found exactly what she was looking for in a counselor when she met Rebecca

"Jesus was so present that it felt like He was in the room during every session."

"Her sweet and gentle spirit, strong emphasis of prayer, and evident deep relationship with God prompted me to keep coming back to her.  I loved how every strategy and mindset presented was rooted in core truth from God's Word.  I truly found both a wise mentor and amazing friend in Rebecca, and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone in pursuit of spiritual counsel."  

N.W. is learning to walk out her victory

"When I met Rebecca two years ago, I was in a place of deep pain and desperation.  I was living life just to survive and to make it to the next day. I covered up my pain with my addictions and busy lifestyle"  

 "I had little hope that anything would change, and that Rebecca would just be 'another counselor.' Over time I realized Rebecca wasn’t doing this alone, but she was being used as God's vessel to show me that there was hope through all the shame and hurt of my past. Rebecca has poured her heart and soul into caring, and loving me just like Christ would do if I could sit face to face with him. It has been a blessing to have a counselor that has invested in my healing, and who has invested in me as person. Rebecca is exactly where God has called her to be, and due to her following her call, I finally feel that I can, and will walk in VICTORY!

This could be you....

This client is feeling important to herself once again 

"There are moments in life, when in our most broken and bruised inner being, all we can muster in prayer is 'Jesus. Jesus, my reality is strangling me... Jesus."  

"I've been meeting with, Rebecca, almost every week since that difficult day (when we met). My story still hurts with overwhelming pain and difficult reality. Years of hurt, resentment, sin and denial doesn’t go away with the wind. But with the grace of Jesus and Rebecca’s leading, I’m healing. She reminds me that it is a process and my friend is along for the bumpy ride. She helps me realize that the old me has created destructive habits and has, in fact, lived a very difficult life in ways. However, the days of dark will continue to lift. I am BECOMING the me He designed me to be. But mostly, she prays. She prays like a BOSS! She prays with vigor and transparency and conviction."

"God places specific people in our lives that make a difference, that we can't ignore, that help us be who God created us to be. When God introduced me to Rebecca, I knew that she was someone special." 

"She has helped me stay focused on His will. She has helped me find courage and listened to me when I needed a sounding board. She prayed with me, and for me, in a way that helped me feel valued and respected. I highly recommend Rebecca as a mentor, therapist and a friend."

- M.W.


Want EXTREME Emotional Fitness?

Maximize your time & increase your results towards emotional healing by creating a healthy sense of self-love.  We'll take serious the Word of God as we apply truth to your heart.  Get the skinny on healing here!  This mini course has LARGE IMPACT FOR ONLY $49 (less than most counseling sessions).  

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- Ronna

“Rebecca is just the hope that I need during this season of life.”

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Secrets to living a healed life 

Healing is at the heart of you becoming FREE.  I have women tell me they are going to tattoo the principles I share within this resource to their arms.  God is always the source.  Let's get you some healing.  Request this Free Emotional Healing Guide.  

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