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I'm Rebecca!

I'm a Jesus lover, business owner of Simply Becoming and Blue Room Publications.  I'm a Master's level counselor.  I gently lead adult-adolescent girls back to truth & healing through counseling and prayer.

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These words came to me as I lay awake sleepless last night. They left me thinking & praying. May I be a woman who gives life. 🌸May I be one who speaks into others (even when I’m frustrated or hurt or I don’t understand). May I speak life into my husband, and into our boys when they don’t obey, and into myself (… now that can be another story). It all starts in my 💜. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. It’s what is on the inside that counts! It’s what I tell my kids all the time. It’s what I put into myself and into others that matters. Good in. Good out. Garbage in. Garbage out.
This applies to every area of my life, doesn’t it? Physically- what am I eating? Garbage in. Garbage out… (or worse it’s stored! 😉). Mentally- It looks like me wasting time not owning it. Emotionally- It’s me overthinking a situation. Ever rethink a scenario more than once? Me, too. Jump off that ship right
away. 🚢
My point… “Happy are those that give life” starts with:
1) my 💜. What’s my heart look like?
2) Then it spills out of my mouth (Yikes! 😬). What am I saying lately? Good and bad? Am I being a light even when I’m running late and my grocery order is wrong (and the substitutes were less than par🙃)?? I want to be.
May I be a woman that is willing to look at myself and breathe life into my circumstances and into others.
The world needs some fresh air! We all need to breathe! I want to breathe the fresh air of life. I want to give life. Anyone else? 🧡


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Blog Post- Life Giver 

These words came to me as I lay awake sleepless last night.  They left me thinking & praying.  May I be a woman who gives life.  May I be one who speaks into the lives of others (even when I'm frustrated or hurt or I don't understand)...

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