Simply becoming

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Let's do that                     you've always wanted to do.

hope dealers.  want to heal and offer hope to others? I know you do! i do, too! lemme grab your attention:

Let's do that            you've always wanted to do.


  We provide counseling from a faith-perspective guiding you towards emotionally fitness. Gently leading you through healing, creating a grace mindset, and cheering you on to become all you are created to be. Benefiting your body, soul, and mind. We do this through Mentoring Sessions (counseling), courses, and all-natural products.  Let us help you DO YOUR THING so you can go out an impact your world!   



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Simply Becoming is my mentoring (counseling) business for Females, of all ages, who are ready to heal & become. Our courses are mini-counseling sessions which offer practical help so you crush real-life challenges, and our resources are designed to impart healing of your body, soul, and mind.  

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Do You Love Yourself?

Want greater emotional health?  Ever struggle to love yourself? Find loving others easier than loving yourself? These 10 mini-counseling sessions (plus a bonus session) are designed to take you through the steps. Begin to love yourself well. It's foundational to becoming emotionally fit.  

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F.R. found exactly what she was looking for in a counselor when she met Rebecca

"Jesus was so present that it felt like He was in the room during every session."

"Her sweet and gentle spirit, strong emphasis of prayer, and evident deep relationship with God prompted me to keep coming back to her.  I loved how every strategy and mindset presented was rooted in core truth from God's Word.  I truly found both a wise mentor and amazing friend in Rebecca, and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone in pursuit of spiritual counsel."  

N.W. is learning to walk out her victory

"When I met Rebecca two years ago, I was in a place of deep pain and desperation.  I was living life just to survive and to make it to the next day. I covered up my pain with my addictions and busy lifestyle"  

 "I had little hope that anything would change, and that Rebecca would just be 'another counselor.' Over time I realized Rebecca wasn’t doing this alone, but she was being used as God's vessel to show me that there was hope through all the shame and hurt of my past. Rebecca has poured her heart and soul into caring, and loving me just like Christ would do if I could sit face to face with him. It has been a blessing to have a counselor that has invested in my healing, and who has invested in me as person. Rebecca is exactly where God has called her to be, and due to her following her call, I finally feel that I can, and will walk in VICTORY!

This could be you....

This client is feeling important to herself once again 

"There are moments in life, when in our most broken and bruised inner being, all we can muster in prayer is 'Jesus. Jesus, my reality is strangling me... Jesus."  

"I've been meeting with, Rebecca, almost every week since that difficult day (when we met). My story still hurts with overwhelming pain and difficult reality. Years of hurt, resentment, sin and denial doesn’t go away with the wind. But with the grace of Jesus and Rebecca’s leading, I’m healing. She reminds me that it is a process and my friend is along for the bumpy ride. She helps me realize that the old me has created destructive habits and has, in fact, lived a very difficult life in ways. However, the days of dark will continue to lift. I am BECOMING the me He designed me to be. But mostly, she prays. She prays like a BOSS! She prays with vigor and transparency and conviction."


Fasting for Your Soul

It's more than a religious activity or elimination challenge.  This discipline breaks light into darkness, shatters control, provides protection, healing, and freedom.  Are you ready?  Me, too!  Let's dive in for ONLY $18.  It's truly worth it. 


Blog Post- Life Giver 

These words came to me as I lay awake sleepless last night.  They left me thinking & praying.  May I be a woman who gives life.  May I be one who speaks into the lives of others (even when I'm frustrated or hurt or I don't understand)...

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Selfies highlight your mood to the world.  Take a selfie now.  You won't look the same after He works in you.  Your selfie will appear different.  This is your before-and-after emotional change.   Take a selfie, and let's get to work!  

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